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February 2004 - Mobile game, 'Slither' released on

Mobile game, 'Slither' released on

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( have just released 'Slither', the classic snake game with a few twists, each level you must gain a specific length before moving onto the next one. There are various food items to pick up and avoid, and don't forget to watch out for the walls!

Slither uses our online high score system, so you can upload your scores and compete against your friends. The game includes support for many different screen sizes, and for devices with pointers, you can use the pointer to control the snakes movement.

Slither is available in three different versions, a Generic Java version that should be compatible with most colour Java mobile phones. A Nokia Series 30 Colour version, and a Nokia Series 40 version. Both the Nokia versions provide support for Sound and Vibration, and utilises the full screen area.

As a special offer, is providing the first 100 downloads of each version of the game for FREE! All you have to do is register with the site and login to obtain the download URL. (Registration is free, and allows users to upload scores to the web site).

January 2004 - goes live goes live.

January 2004 - goes live. goes live.

December 2003 - Mobile game, 'Bomber' released.

Mobile game, 'Bomber' released on

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( have just released 'Bomber', a new Nokia Series 30 (Colour) game.

"Bomber sees you piloting a plane over a city, you must bomb each of the buildings in the city so that you can clear enough space to land your plane. Your plane is dropping increasingly closer to the ground so you must act quickly!"

Bomber is the first game from to implement our online high score system, allowing players to upload their scores to the website and compete against other players for the top ranking.

A Nokia Series 40 (and possibly Series 60) version will follow shortly.

October 2003 - goes live

Our new website goes live. More details about the site here.

Press Release:


A new mobile games web site has been launched. features custom written mobile and PDA games, along with online flash games and mobile wallpapers. With two initial FREE releases consisting of SimplePong for all Java mobiles, and Blocks for Palm OS PDAs.

SimplePong is a new version of the classic Pong game, two versions of the game are available. One for Nokia series 30 phones, featuring sound and vibration, and a second generic version which should be compatible with most MIDP 1.0 and above phones.

Blocks is a version of the classic Tetris for all Palm OS PDAs.

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