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June 2005 - upgrade and revamp

Rock-Nights has recently been given an overhaul, and redesign. Rock-Nights has been online since 2000, providing details of gigs and events all around the UK.

The site has now been updated, using the latest version of our custom content manangement system, Riddler.

New features on the site include:

- Searching for venues and events by postcode.
- Personal favourite venue lists for users.
- Personal events lists for users.
- New event and venue submission system.
- Direct links (content specific) to Ticketmaster and Amazon.

We'll also be adding various new features over the coming months, include ratings for venues and events, polls, and a links database.

March 2005 - has undergone a minor revamp has undergone a revamp, giving it a slightly new look, and updating a lot of the site content.

The site is now under the full control of our Riddler Content Management System, allowing us to make future updates more easily.

January 2005 - 'JBJ Sisters: Snow Adventure' java mobile phone game released

JBJ Sisters: Snow Adventure java mobile phone game has been released on

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( have just released 'JBJ Sisters: Snow Adventure', this icy platformer, is a conversion of the popular flash game of the same name (

Game Description
The evil Boreas has taken over a little far away island enslaving all the inhabitants.

Nigel the fox managed to get a message out to his friends Jade and Jady Bounce. Only they can defeat Boreas and free their woodland chums.

Guide the sisters through the moving holes but beware falling back down through them as this will stun the girls for a short while.

When you first jump up Boreas will explode a drum of radioactive waste which is deadly to the sisters. Boreas will do everything he can to stop the bounce sisters including throwing giant snowballs at the girls and sending out his robotic army.

Each of the sisters has their own strength. Jade can run quickly and Jadys helmet protects her when she is stunned. To avoid falling down holes or being blocked by frozen barriers the girls can run off the side of a platform and reappear at the other side.

The game features all 28 levels, both playable characters, all the baddies from the original, and uses the high score system.

The game supports four languages: English, French, German, and Swedish.

It's available for Nokia Series 60 phones, and MIDP 2 phones with screens of 176 x 208 or more.

Get your copy now at

October 2004 - Free mobile game, 'Free Fall' released

Free mobile game, 'Free Fall' released on

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( have just released 'Free Fall', the aim of this addictive platformer is simply to keep your ball within the play area by dropping through the platforms. As the game progresses the platforms speed up, and various bonuses are available to pick up.

Free Fall uses the online high score system, so you can upload your scores and compete against your friends!

Free Fall is available for most Java colour mobiles, and best of all it's absolutely FREE! Get your copy now at

July 2004 - Mobile game, 'Jammed' released on

Mobile game, 'Jammed' released on

Press Release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( have just released 'Jammed', the aim of this addictive puzzler is to get your car out of the car park. To do so you'll need to move the other vehicles around in order to create a clear path for you to leave. There are 50 brain straining levels to test your logic skills.

Jammed uses our online high score system, so you can upload your scores and compete against your friends.

Jammed is currently available in three different versions, a Nokia Series 30 Colour version, a Nokia Series 40 version, and a Nokia Series 60 version. Smartphone, PocketPC and Palm version will follow shortly.

Can you get your car out of the car park?

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