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North Staffordshire Health & Safety Group

North Staffordshire Health & Safety Groups website is run by the group to help promote their organisation. They wanted a site where their own existing members could obtain information and request videos for loan. They also wanted the site to attract new members and gather additional people to their training seminars.


  • Secured access to a number of members only areas within the site.
  • A basic content management system was written to allow the group to maintain and update the site themselves.
  • Numerous forms on the site allow visitors to request information or members to request video loans; these forms are processed and then emailed to the group's administrator.


  • Developed in Dreamweaver.
  • Parts of the site are written in PHP, using a MySQL database backend.
  • Utilises HTTP authenication to secure areas of the site.
  • Form submissions are processed before being emailed to the site's administrator.



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