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Rock-nights is an online rock music events guide. It lists many of the forthcoming live music events around the UK, the events can be searched and listed using a variety of methods and commented on by the visitors to the site. There is a comprehensive list of live music venues, and a full adminstration system available to the sites contributors.


  • Each visitor can register as a user to the site, allowing them to add comments, and list favourite events and venues.
  • User can be designated as 'staff members' allowing them access to the administration parts of the site.
  • Venues and events can be searched for in many ways, including by postcode area.
  • User submission of events and venues, with intergrated validation.


  • Written in PHP, using a MySQL database backend.
  • Riddler, content management system (in-house solution).
  • SMARTY templating system, integrated within the Riddler content management.
  • Integrated dynamic advertising, and direct link to ticket purchases



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