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Gary J Tunnicliffe is the official website for the makeup and special effects artist, Gary J Tunnicliffe. Gary has worked on many famous films including Blade, the Hellraiser series, the Candyman series, the Halloween series, and Mission Impossible II. The site was commissioned by a friend of Garys and provides the latest news, a full filmography and a large gallery showing many of Garys creations.

The site design is fairly minimalistic, avoiding the predictable 'horror' style (black and red!), and sticking mainly to a gray colour scheme.


  • News system.
  • Filmography, including links to IMDB.
  • Multiple Galleries.
  • Content management for all above items.


  • Written in PHP, using a MySQL database backend.
  • Riddler, Content management system (in-house solution).
  • HTTP authenicated secure administration area.
  • SMARTY templating system, integrated within the Riddler content management.



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