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PowerPoint Data Extractor

This was an custom solution for converting a large set of Powerpoint presentation files into a database format for ST16 Limited.

ST16 needed to recreated a large number of Powerpoint files into their own custom format for a client. While ST16 worked on creating a new player using the database designed by Graphic Reality, we developed this tool to convert and build the data for the database.


  • Conversion of page data, including text, position, size, and elements such as images, video, sound and buttons.
  • Extraction of all media files within the presentation.
  • Extraction of all ordered/unordered lists.
  • Overall structure of presentation was maintained.
  • Sample website produced to provide easy mechanisms to explore the converted data.


  • Developed in J2SE, using the NetBeans IDE.
  • Converted data exported into an Access database file.


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