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EA Battlefield 2 Clan

The EA Clan website is the official clan site for the Battlefield 2 clan European Alliance. The site uses the PostNuke content management system, and a custom written module for providing the statistical analysis of the clan members performance. All the statistics are gathered from the official Battlefield 2 statistics server, and stored locally on the website to allow for additional statistic breakdowns. Additionally a custom 'Server View' script provides a live view of the clans official server, listing the current game details (map, and settings), along with players and scores.

We intend to release both the statistics module, and the server view module to the community at some point in the near future. Once the modules have been cleaned up, and fully tested, they will be available from this site.

NB: This site is currently offline.


  • Individual member logins.
  • Statistical analysis of the clans performance.
  • Live server view.


  • Written in PHP, using a MySQL database backend.
  • Custom written PostNuke module for statistical analysis.
  • Custom written data gatherer for automatically obtaining the clans data.
  • Live server query script.


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