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Team Time

Team Time is an application for displaying a list of your team mates or your friends, along with their timezone and their current local time. Team Time is mainly designed for groups of people who work together but live in different timezones. It makes arranging meetings and planning events much easier.

Team Time allows you to create one or more lists containing you friends or work colleagues, these lists can be created and edited from within the Team Time application, and are saved as simple text files.

This is a free application, and is available from our downloads section. You can also visit the Team Time microsite.


  • Load and save lists of team members.
  • Group team members into categories.
  • Automatically reload list from previous session.
  • Sort team lists by name or timezone.
  • Meeting Planner.
  • Automatically check for new updates online.
  • Add availablity information to each list member.
  • Minimize to system tray.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings calculation for selected time zones.


  • Developed in Python.
  • Executable built with py2exe, and installer created with NSIS.


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